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Brabantia 2017 Catalogue

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Confidential Twin Bin


The current Data Protection legislation provides rules and penalties for incorrect disposal of Personal Data and/or Confidential Waste. Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 can provide real problems for Commerce and Business in the UK.

The 'Confidential Twin Bin' acts as an interface between the 'user' and the 'Official' (centralised) company confidential waste bin. The idea is that you 'sweep' the slim bin contents at regular intervals and deposit this waste into the centralised bins.

This product was developed for two purposes, firstly to help the financial services industry comply with it's (audited) confidential waste regulations, and secondly to help reduce the cost of confidential waste disposal. On inspection of confidential waste receptacles, some companies have found that up to 30% of bin contents was not confidential material.

The 'Confidential Twin Bin' facilitates the effective separation of 'Office Paper' & 'Confidential Waste' at source. This system allows numerous (discreet) recycling bins to placed at more convenient areas in the office environment.

Rather than asking office workers to visit more remote and (less used) centralised bins, the Confidential Twin Bin can be used locally and emptied at regular intervals by decanting (sweeping) the contents into the larger centrally located deposition points.

This unit sits snugly under your desk and allows office workers to separate & deposit both types of documentation without leaving their desk. By allowing your office workers to 'separate at source', it ensures that the correct type document is being deposited in the correct container.

The convenience of this 'local source' system should lead to greater care, willingness and accuracy in the separation of office documentation. This in turn can lead to a reduction in volumes (and therefore cost) of confidential waste disposal.

  • Size: 700mm H x 730mm W x 210 D
  • Material: Fluted Corrugated Board
  • Recycled Content: up to 70%
  • Sustainable Source: Yes
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Manufactured in: UK
  • Price shown is for a pack of 3
Confidential Twin Bin
Price: £62.03 (+ vat)
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Model: card_confi_twin

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