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Brabantia 2017 Catalogue

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The Home Recycle Unit


'Go Green' with style - When it comes to recycling in the home, it doesn't have to be a cross between the local 'Waste Tip' and the 'The Good Life'.

Make it Funky, make it Fun. No more bottles standing around the kitchen floor and worktops. Do you want to get sorted?

Effective recycling requires presentation & communication; this in turn will result in participation. This practical and versatile bin can be used in the kitchen, home or office for the separation & storage of Glass, Plastic, Metal, Paper, Used Batteries and Inkjet Cartridges.

This slimline Home Recycle Unit is produced from a high-grade fluted paperboard with a moisture resistant wipe clean outer surface. Having an 80% recycled paper content, the Home Recycle Unit is an environmentally friendly product which, at the end of it's life can be recycled through existing waste collections, but believe me it will last!

In order to minimise the distance between manufacturer and distributor, the Home Recycle Unit is produced in the UK. This has the advantage of reducing the 'Manufacturing Miles' and avoids sourcing the product from a country, which has low environmental awareness. The objective of this exercise is to aim for a product with a lower 'carbon footprint'. From manufacturing site in the UK to our storage and distribution centre is only 34 miles.

This Home Recycle Unit consists of three 18 litre bins mounted above a supporting 'base unit'; which contains a 17 litre pull out storage draw (total storage of 71 litres) Each of the three bin units can be accessed through a forward facing pull down chute or lift off lid.

Both sides of the 'base unit' have storage areas for used batteries and inkjet cartridges, which can be inserted through holes in the outer panels, whilst an inner panel allows access for emptying the   storage area. A standard pedal bin liner with handles can be used in conjunction with the 18 litre bins; this helps contain any moisture and eases the removal and disposal of the contents.

Although every household has varying volumes of waste, we estimate that you will only need to 'decant' the waste into your local council receptacles between once and twice a week.

Each unit is biodegradable and comes flat packed for ease of storage and transportation.

  • Overall Dimensions: (h) 740mm - (w) 600mm - (d) 220mm
  • Individual Bin Size: 180mm x 200mm x 500mm   
  • Draw Size: 200mm x 200mm x 440mm
The Home Recycle Unit
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